YAY Micro is ready for its first contributors!

Finally, after almost three months of development, we are ready to receive content! Today we will contact a few photographers and ask them to contribute content and test the site. The same photographers will be featured on our front page. We are very pleased with the layout and design of the site so far. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle has been followed as far as possible. We have tried to remove everything that might be confusing for both contributors and customers. Even our legal documents are meant to be understood by a layperson.

As the process of gathering and approving content continues for the next couple of months, we will work on the development of the rest of the site. If all goes smooth we will launch the site to customers on June 1st.

We appreciate feedback on the site, so all users are encouraged to contact us on feedback@yaymicro.com or post in the forum.

We are really happy to finally be able to present our site to content providers!

Best regards,
The YAY Team

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3 Responses to “YAY Micro is ready for its first contributors!”

  1. Gabriele says:

    Yaymicro ist simply great!!!
    Sincerely I wish you all the best


  2. I just signed up and uploaded a test photo very smoothly, it’s a poolside shot, deep azur water, uncluttered background, bright orange lifebelt. Hope it gets accepted. I have thousands more creative shots to sell.

  3. Great site guys. I’ve signed up and added some editorial photos (which I do mostly). Hope you would represent my photos :-)

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