Creative Images: The darker sides of life

Are you wondering how you can stand out as a microstock photographer? I might have a tip for you:

Take pictures of “the darker sides of life”.

For each “domestic violence” image we have we have 2100 images of “beautiful woman”.
For each image illustrating “eating disorder” we have 630 images of “business man”.

Sorrow. Photos: Iko, bjones27 and Schvoo.

Show us drug abuse, a man with a needle in his arm, a male or female prostitute, an upper-class alcoholic or domestic violence. We want images of successful people with problems and less successful people with problems. The bum in the park or the divorcee with too many wine bottles in the trash.

Show us the parents mourning their child – on a beautiful summer day and on a dark grey evening, parents fighting about custody, the scared child or broken homes, the girl being bullied on her way home from school or the father being bullied at the office. Show us the boy with an eating disorder, the female alcoholic, the abusive mother or the frightened man.

Try to take both the classic and the more subtle shots.


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6 Responses to “Creative Images: The darker sides of life”

  1. loongirl says:

    Like that thought-provoking photo of the drug overdose . . .
    :) b

  2. This is a great idea. It is the world we live in. Some sites won’t accept this type of image. I’m glad to see that Yay will.

  3. John Matzick says:

    These are the type of photos that I like but a model release could be a problem. How can you ask a homeless man to sign one?

  4. Linda says:

    I would take editorial images of homeless people, not creative. If you want images of homeless people for creative usage I would recommend you to use models.

    When taking editorial images of homeless people, and the like, I strongly recommend you ask for permission.

    Linda :)

  5. augusto says:

    i think we can easily offend homeless people taking photos and then asking to sign. though task. greets augusto

  6. Jacques says:

    I’m new here and after readon your article, I was wondering if these photos could qualify for the type of images you are writing about:
    Obviouslly, I didn’t get model releases here. But these people are not really recognizable.

    Thank you.

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