New Year's resolution!

At YAY we have several New Year’s resolutions, and one of them is to blog. Not twice a year, but several times a month! (Yes, I promise!) And, since we have survived the worst day of the year , it’s time to begin blogging!

I don’t know how many people read this not-so-alive blog, but if there is anybody out there:

Do you have any wishes or ideas for blog post you would like to read here at YAY? If you do, please leave us a comment!

And how was your January 19th? Good? The worst day in history? Mine was good, so if this is as bad as it gets I guess 2009 will be a great year for me (and YAY)!

Linda :)

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5 Responses to “New Year's resolution!”

  1. JerryL5 says:

    Thank you for posting today, and letting us know that
    someone is living and breathing at YAY.:)

  2. Pooterjon says:

    Good to finally see a new post. Some interesting blog posts might be popular trends in image downloads. Or what images are needed. Maybe popular searches or most viewed images. Just some ways to keep people up to speed as to what is being looked at or downloaded or what we’re short on.

    My two cents…don’t spend it all in one place. :)

  3. LivingLife says:

    Yes, it’s good to see “somebody’s home”! Actually, I saw on MicroStockGroup’s ticker on stock agencies that Yay is moving up in the world. For the last couple of days, it’s been showing an upward progress. Still new, but at least it’s not a down arrow or nothing at all.

  4. LivingLife says:

    Just a “friendly” suggestion. You may want to put some sort of flag or “New Comments” or something under the Blog tab to let people know you are doing this again. I only found it out of “curiosity” when you did the newest one to see if anything had been posted since September. I would venture to guess that a lot of people aren’t even checking it anymore because the site (forum, blog) has set dormant for so long. There needs to be something visible so people can see there has been a change. Otherwise, it looks like “same ‘ol, same ‘ol”.

  5. Gala98 says:

    I agree with Pooterjon – image info is vital – what’s selling, what’s not. Top 10 images for the week/month maybe, any image requests, suggestions for gaps in your library. You could have mini ‘interviews’ with photographers/designers. You could showcase all the newbies from the week by showing 1 image from their portfolio (I felt great when Lucky Oliver showed one of mine!).

    I think we are all rooting for Yay to succeed but it does feel rather like a ghost ship sometimes so more frequest blog posts (at least weekly) should reassure many.

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