Celebrating image number 500 000 (Yay!)

In less than a year photographers and illustrators have uploaded more than 500 000 images and illustrations to our site! Every week thousands of new images are uploaded & submitted, and we continue to grow in a steady pace. None of this would be possible without the trust and help from our users, and we at YAY would like to say a big THANK YOU!

This wonderful valentine illustration was uploaded in the beginning of February (not surprisingly), and was image number 500 000 uploaded to YAY! The illustration is made by BlackVay, congratulations!

Valentine Illustration

At YAY we are working hard to make sure that it will be worth the time and effort to upload to us. We are targeting the customers in several ways: direct marketing & ads, meetings & phone calls. Sales are now steadily increasing! Our focus is also on developing the site and the design to improve the usability and overall customer experience. In just a few weeks we are ready to show you some of the features we are working on!

Linda :)   

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