Recent trouble with uploading

Bug in the system

We’ve recently had some problems with uploading and I thought I’d just try to explain why this happened. I’m not a tech-guru, so you’ll have to excuse me if this is not 100 % correct.

The first issue started Januar 15th, was temporarily fixed for a few days, before returning, and then finally fixed on January 21st. This error had the unfortunate effect that people uploading using the web-interface all got an import failure stating “The file supplied wasn’t recognized”. The reason for this was a memory leakage in our system, which meant that the system used lots of memory which it basically just filled with junk. When this was discovered our system used over 26 GB of memory. We have now solved this issue, increased the memory available to the system and added additional swap files.

The second error started on February 3rd. What happend was that images that were approved did not get added the users portfolio or were made available for search. Neither we nor the photographer got any error messages about this. So, thank you for contacting us when you noticed something was wrong! The reason for this was a problem with allocation between distributed database-servers. This was caused by the fact that our system logs every query, and suddenly Google decided to run a ridiculous amount of queries which resulted in the systems log-files to get filled faster than our logrotating-system could handle. This has now been fixed. Google has promised to decrease the amount of queries, and we have decreased the rotation periode for logs.

If you uploaded images between February 2rd 08:00 am and Februar 4th 6:00 pm, some of your images might have not been added to the database. You can check this by logging in, clicking “portfolio” and see how many images are in your portfolio. Then compare this to how many images are listed under “Number of images” under “Sale statistics”. If these two numbers differ, please contact us and we’ll do our best to locate your images.


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