Size matters

At YAY we are operating with three different sizes for download using credits. The reason for not adding additional sizes is that we want to keep it as simple as possible for customers. An interesting fact is that all these sizes are almost equally popular. Of all the credit downloads that has been made from YAY the total count for the different sizes now say:

Small – 33,8 %
Medium – 33,3 %
Large - 32,9 %

Subscription downloads, which all are in medium, account for 17.8 % of all downloads. A priority for us in 2009 is to increase the number of subscriptions. This will also increase sales for photographers, because customers using subscriptions are, of obvious reasons, very loyal to the site they have subscriptions on. YAY also pays the best commission to photographers on subscriptions (€1 per download) in the whole microstock industry. So an increased number of subs will indeed profit all of us.

One idea we have been working on is to scrap the limitations customers have on sizes when download images via subs. Today YAY is limiting the size of sub downloads to medium, which we think is much more fair to the photographers. Other sites, however, do not have this limitation. The feedback we have gotten from some customers, mostly printed magazines and designers, are that they want subscriptions where they can download the file in the original size. We do believe this will increase the number of customers who use subscriptions. What do you think?


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One Response to “Size matters”

  1. JerryL5 says:

    Do whatever you need to do to get sales going.

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