Third party sales: Send us your best collection

ImagesEarlier this year YAY started distributing images through a third party sales channel. The first batch of images included in this deal was about 20 000 images from about 20 different photographers. The images have been for sale since late February/early March, and the results so far seem promising. Therefore we have decided to add a further 20 000 of our best images to be sold this way. In order to choose the best images, we invite you to send us suggestions from your own portfolio. Just make a project folder with 100 of your best images and send the public link to

In order to be included in the deal, you must provide at least 100 images of top quality. These images will be reviewed by YAY and possibly the third party involved. If the images in the project folder is considered to be good enough, we will browse your whole portfolio and send you an email telling how many images will be included. This email will also containt further information, as well as a contract.

All images included in the deal will be available through third party sales for a minimum of three years. This might also include distribution on CDs/DVDs. The contributor receives the standard 50 % of YAYs income from these sales. The income will be added directly to your account at YAY on a quarterly basis.

At this time we will not name the third party involved on the blog. This is a measure to keep our competitors at bay. If your images are selected we will of course tell you where and how the images will be sold.


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4 Responses to “Third party sales: Send us your best collection”

  1. Living Life says:

    Jan – Do these images need to be exclusive with Yay? I am going to assume they don’t since YAY hasn’t been accepting them as such to date. Does it matter what kind of images, i.e., are you looking for the “traditional ‘studio-type’” images, or is it open to all subjects including abstracts? And, last question, is there a deadline to submit the project folder to you?

    Thanks – Carolyn

  2. Jan says:

    Nope, there’s no need for the images to be exclusive and there are no specific type of images we are looking for. General stock images both with and without models will do. The most common types of images, ex. an isolated tomato is, however, not very interesting.

    There is no specific deadline, but as soon as we reach 20 000 images the batch will be sent. First-come, first-served.

  3. Hey Jan…

    How long does it take for us to get an answer? :)


  4. Jan says:

    Hi Daniel,

    We will conact everyone that has submitted project folders later this week. Looking forward to seeing all your suggestions!

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