Back from Thailand

Hi all

Lonely Beach

Short note here to let you know that I’m just back from my sommer vacation. Those of you who is following me on twitter might have noticed that I’ve spent the last month in Thailand and Cambodia. It’s been great, but now I’m looking forward to picking up where I left of. First on the agenda is fixing the web-upload (seems that the flash-plugin we are using is outdated and doesn’t support the newest version of flash). Hope you all are having a great sommer wherever you are, and I hope to see ¬†alot of great pictures coming in from your travels :)


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One Response to “Back from Thailand”

  1. Hello Bjorn!

    Great news for me! That part of the world is my next dream :-) Have you been to Vietnam too? I was “just” in USA on Route 66 as a honeymoon. How is your job going?

    Vita, Pixmac

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