Image of the day: Lionfish

The poisonous Lionfish (also called Dragonfish, Scorpion Fish and Fire Fish), beautifully photographed by moori. Check out his portfolio for great inspiration on how to take stock images that still have an artistic feel. Personally I had a close encounter with one of these fascinating fishes in the Gulf of Aqaba a few months ago. The way they gracefully move through the water, without even paying attention to my presence, was quite an experience.  They are one of the most venomous (but not deadly) fish in the ocean, though they use their poison only for defensive means.

lion fish


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3 Responses to “Image of the day: Lionfish”

  1. What an AWESOME image! Looks like you could reach in and touch it. Great job, and contrats of IOTD.

  2. Gala98 says:

    I love lionfish – they are almost as supremely confident as their namesake, the lion. My scuba instructor gave us one particularly good piece of advice when it came to underwater wildlife – “if it doesn’t back away from you – it knows something you don’t!” Lionfish definitely come into that category :)

  3. And they’re dangerous like a lion, too! Pretty to look at but don’t touch.

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