Third party sales

Money BagI’m happy to say that we’ve received the results from third party sales for Q3 and the money should arrive late next week! Results are on average a bit lower per image for Q3 than Q2, which of course is because of summer months and also because of changes in currency. Not all images we sent over has been admitted to the third party sales, that means that some of the newcomers will be represented with only a few images. In addition to this the new images were added gradually over the quarter, which means that sales for all newcomers will increase significantly in the next quarter. All participants will receive an email when the commission has been paid.

It is obvious that third party sales is a good addition in income for our contributors and we are working hard to increase the amount of images and also looking into other partners that can redistribute our images.


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One Response to “Third party sales”

  1. Living Life says:

    Thanks for the update, Jan! Can’t wait to see if some of my images made the cut. :-)

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