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One of our photographers, Todd (graficallyminded), has done an interview with us at YAY in his blog The interview’s mainly about YAY, our background  as well as how we perceive the stock photo business and the future of the stock photo industry. If you have any viewpoints or further questions we’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment!

In 2008, a new microstock agency popped up that caught a lot of our attention. The site’s design was so simple, yet visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Even the back end for contributors was designed for speed and ease of use. I’ve been personally selling my images from them from the start, and recently I had an opportunity to interview the team. I’m sure many will be interested in getting some insight from Yay Micro coming directly from it’s founders and employees.

Read the rest of the interview…

Linda :)

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