Why is Yawning Contagious?

One day, when I was searching our images, I had to do a search for “Yawn”. And wow, did I yawn! This gave me the idea to make a video with images of people sleeping and yawning – to demostrate how difficult it is to not yawn when you see other people yawning. It’s one of the first videos I’ve ever made, but even if it’s not perfect I’m sure it will make you YAAAWWWNNN!

How many times did you yawn? Or are you one of those super-humans who manage to not yawn? Tell me in a comment! I yawn many times, every time.. :)

So, why is yawning contagious, and why do we do it? There is still no one answer for this, but you can read about the proposed reasons in Wikipedia.

Another good way to use this video is  if you have trouble relaxing or getting sleepy. Try to involve yourself in the images, feeling the relaxation the sleeping people and animals are experiencing, and hopefully you’ll feel more relaxed and sleepy afterwards!

The music is Lent Et Douloureux – Gymnopédie II by Satie.

All images and photos comes from our talented photograpers!



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One Response to “Why is Yawning Contagious?”

  1. pjhpix says:

    Very enjoyable (and relaxing !). Also, an excellent advertisment for images on the site.

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