Powerpoint Presentation Tips (1/6)

Most of us have experienced the pain of a bad presentation. You know, the one where you look at your watch every minute, hide your yawning, and wonder how long it will take before you loose your mind looking at a big screen with 18 bullet-points you have no clue what are about. You’re reading this because you DON’T want to be the person giving that presentation, so here is six tips to improve your presentation.


The first thing you need to realize is that the powerpoint document (or keynote if you are on a mac) is not the presentation. The presentation is a story and the powerpoint is visual guides for this story. The object of a good powerpoint is to empathize meaning, create clarity and make people remember the story. Once your realize this, most of the other hints on this page will become clear, and feel natural. When you realize that your presentation is a story you realize that you don’t start creating it in powerpoint. You start creating it on a piece of paper. You create an opening, a middle part and an ending.

The beginning is where you engage your audience. You have about 30 seconds to create interest in any audience, if you loose that objective, the rest of the presentation won’t even matter, you’ve already lost.

The middle is where you’re story is laid out and the anticipations are fulfilled. The end summarizes, repeats and calls for action.


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