New Site Features: People Search & Categories

This week we’ve added a couple of features we know many of our customers wants!

The first one is the first feature of our model/people search. You can now specify how many people you would like to have in your image, by minimum and maximum. If you put 0 in maximum you’ll get images without people in them.
Try the search at our search page!

The second feature is our category page. We now have 16 main categories, all of them with detailed sub-categories. Categories makes it easier to search and browse images, get inspiration and ideas for image use. ┬áDid we miss a category? Leave us a comment, and we’ll try to add it asap!
You can take a look at the new category page here.

Cheers, Linda :)

Image by Yuri Arcurs Search: Min. people 12, keyword: happy


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4 Responses to “New Site Features: People Search & Categories”

  1. David Fowler says:

    A welcome feature, I am sure, for buyers who do not know exactly what they are looking for. Are images on the site being added to these categories on an ongoing basis. My portfolio has hundreds of Politicians (Gordon Brown/Margaret Thatcher/Boris Yeltsin/Lech Walesa/Tony Blair etc). None of these appear when searching “Editorial-Politics”. I only got about 12 of my political images come up when trying a search by this category. Hope this is something you could look into. Kind regards, David (Newsfocus1).

  2. Hi David!
    I’ll look into this! Our categories are based on our search, so all new images will be included automatically.

    Thanks, Linda :)

  3. Hi again! I’ve tried to improve the category, hope this helps in showing your images! You’ve got a great editorial portfolio, and hopefully this will help you sell them here at YAY!

    Cheers, Linda :)

  4. David Fowler says:

    Hi Linda, whatever you did worked! My political images are showing up fine now. Many thanks for your quick response and kind comment on my images. As you say, hopefully this will get us more sales here. Regards,David.

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