Powerpoint Presentation Tips (3/6): Images, Images, Images!


Our brain is really good at remembering images and it is also really good at connecting images to abstract ideas. Good use of images is essential in a good PowerPoint presentation. A good image clarifies a point and makes it remarkable without taking the focus away from the story. The brain can actually handle viewing something and listening to something at the same time (well, except for men watching TV).

So let’s say you’re talking about something that went really wrong in your story. Do a search for «failure» on our site, spend some time flipping through the result, and maybe you end up with something like the image above in your presentation. It will stand out, it will look good, and people will remember your point. Thanks to our site (and other microstock sites) it doesn’t cost you much (yaymicro sells images from $1.5).

Obviously, you are on a microstock site, and we want to sell you high-quality images. This doesn’t make the statement about the importance of images less true. Don’t take our word for it, pick up a book, or check out some of the excellent blogs about presentations on the web (see links below). They all confirm the same: Use of images makes a lot of sense in presentations.

After reading what to do, see how others do it. Learn from the best. Here are some links that will show you great presentations:


Apple Keynotes



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