Editorial Images

We’ve changes our approval process in order to process editorial content faster! As you all know, editorial news images often has a short life span, and should be uploaded and approved within hours. From today of all editorial images will be approved before creative images. If you have editorial news images of important events, feel free to e-mail us to ensure a fast approval.




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Better looking vectors – and a site upgrade

We’ve just finished an upgrade of the software that generates previews of submitted vector files. This means that the color of newly submitted vectors will be better than those already in the database. Next step is to regenerate older previews, so that these also will have a better and brighter color. The upgrade also means that our servers can handle more vector files without increasing the server load.


We are also working on a site upgrade that will be specifically aimed at the checkout process. Our data shows that we loose too many customers in the last few steps of the checkout. The new layout will be a lot easier to navigate. We will live up to our promise to be the easiest online stock agency once again!


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