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buy-stock-photo-virus-yaymicroWe decided to close the forum after several severe spam attacks (from web robots). We’ve not decided if we’ll try to improve the forum technology, or if we’ll aim for other ways of communication – such as blog comments, twitter, e-mail, and maybe open a chat room for more casual interaction. ┬áDo you have any suggestions or preferences?

And a Thank You to the users who notified us of the spam attacks!

Cheers, Linda

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6 Responses to “Forum Closed”

  1. You are always welcome over at MicrostockGroup. :) There is a dedicated YAYmicro section, so all the conversation about YAY is kept in one spot.

  2. Thanks Tyler, we’ll make sure to begin to participate as well as reading. Is there any way to get e-mail notification when people post anything related to Yay? Linda :)

  3. David Fowler says:

    Hi Linda, it is a great shame that you have been forced to do this. Yours was the only site forum I actively post on. I have had advice and encouragement from fellow contributors and I hope that I have been able to offer the same from time to time. I shall miss the contact with all the regulars on the forum and hope that you can bring it back with improved security. Meanwhile, I do connect with Microstockgroup on a daily basis and hope that you will participate there as much as you can. Kind regards, David (Newsfocus1)

  4. LivingLife says:

    I’d be interested in a link to the dedicated YAY section, too. I do visit MSG from time to time, but will go there more often now, since this forum is gone. I agree with David, I’m gonna miss this one. Carolyn (LivingLife)

  5. LivingLife says:

    Well, gee, I guess I’m not reading things all the way through today. I see the link from Tyler now. Sorry about that. :-)

  6. It’s unfortunate, but I hope we can continue the discussion at MSG and in other forums. Feel free to notify us of forums where you participate! I think we can create the same positive environment at MSG! I’ve just made my first post there, and will try to check in as often as possible!

    The link is:

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