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image sharing is now easy :)
image sharing is now easy :)

Tuesday I wrote a blog post about one way for photographers to share their images. Here is another; the new “Share this image”-box.

If you are a photographer you will see this box on our preview-pages (right side, below keywords) and provides copy-paste ready links to the image in different formats. There are even one-click Facebook and Twitter buttons for you to use.

The links also include affiliate-codes for our soon-to-be-launched affiliate program. This means you automatically make money if you get customers to our site, by using these links when sharing images.


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Gingerbread as Christmas Decorations


Photo by shalamov

Gingerbread Christmas decorations are fun to make, beautiful to look at, and a joy to eat! Today I’m having my friends over, we’re going to make a gingerbread house and some hearts to hang in the windows. It’s a bit early, but I want to have some decoration ready since it’s the first sunday of advent tomorrow. In Norway the first sunday of advent marks the beginning of “Christmas preparation time”, what’s the tradition in your country, or in your family?

Linda :)


Photo by Ruth Black

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I’ve recently returned from a trip to the US, where I had the pleasure to give a presentation of YAY to potential investors at the OTCQX-market in New York. A presentation that was very well received!

Anyhow, going to the US in November gives you a reminder of how infatuated Americans are with Thanksgiving celebration. The morning after I gave the presentation, I was watching morning TV at the hotel and saw Mike Huckabee explain how to deep-fry a turkey for thanksgiving. I believe he was serious when he told the audience “Not only is it good, but it’s healthy too!”.

A short discussion about this at the office when I returned, and Linda showed me this rather fascinating cooking lady at YouTube:

So, have you ever deep-fried a turkey for thanksgiving?

Deep-fried or not, we at YAY wish you all the best for thanksgiving!


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Apps, apps, and more apps!

At YAY we subscribe on a numer of magazine, one of them is Entrepreneur Magazine. This issue they focused on apps for mobile phones: What apps should you have, and what apps should you develop for your business? We are working on a couple of small apps here at YAY for our photographers and customers, and we’ve been trying to figure out what would be a great app for stock photo buyers. It’s a challenging process, as you have to make something good enough to get noticed by the masses. But I’m sure we’ll get there –  there’s a lot of creative thinking at YAY, and we have many creative people around us as well!

Entrepreneur gave a list of great apps for your smart phone. For personal use, my favorite apps are:

Spotify – let you stream music, legal and almost free! Not available in the U.S.
Shazam – I love music, and with Shazam I know what music is playing.
Pzizz – when working long hours power napping and a good night sleep is important. Pzizz is great for calming down a busy mind!
Shopper – a simple solution to a simple problem: organizing the shopping.

Also, I love the map with GPS – I used to get lost all the time, now I don’t :)

It’s always fun with new apps, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!

Linda :)

share-smart-phone-appsPhoto by leaf.

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New Photographer Page

As many of you know, we are about to launch a new affiliate program. As part of this we have created some ways for Photographer to market their own images. Our new photographer page is one way to do this. You can try it out yourself:

So for example, if I want to create a link to photographer leaf’s images and make money on referred customers I would create a link like this:

Leaf’s images on YayMicro.

Hope you like it.

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