YAY's Traditional Julebord!

Today we are having our yearly Julebord with our employees. A “Julebord” is a Scandinavian tradition where employers throw a Christmas party for all employees. At our offices today we are serving the traditional norwegian dish Pinnekjøtt, which is smoked and salted mutton. It is, actually, quite delicious. The mutton is served with mashed rutabaga, potatoes and Christmas beer.

The talented guys over at Worldwide Panoramas AS, which share the same office as YAY, have been invited over, so this will indeed be a happening. If you’re looking into advanced photographic solution, you should check them out. They’re gigapixel photographies are very impressive!

A Julebord is kind of like the Scandinavian version of Thanksgiving, except for the turkey.

Christmas party
This is not smoked mutton and mashed rutabaga, but it still looks good.

Merry Christmas!


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