What’s so great about vectors?

Searching for a picture, we often see in the search options: “vectors”. So, we have two main options: vectors or pictures.

Traveling back in time, I remember it happened many times to hear about vectors but nobody wasted time to explain me what’s all about. Working as a PC operator, I had almost a sacred respect for those who worked in Illustrator. But as time went by, I realized things are in fact simple.

Vectors are illustrations made in special software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and not only.

If pictures are made of pixels, vectors use a different technology. But let’s see it in an example.

Let’s say I need an image for an article about educating children. I want it to be positive, simple and nice. I like children to be happy and I choose the image you see. It’s called Kids with hands up and it’s made by Kimscreativehub.

The vector is available for sale at:

Looking at the prices, I see the original vector is the highest one. Why? (more…)

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Image of the week: a lesson about creativity and simplicity!

yay-3652189 [Converted]-01

Vector of a butterfly by Daniel Marcus
Available for sale on:

Some years ago, I was thinking about the future of microstock and asked a friend: How long will it last? Won’t come a time when we’ll have too many images of everything? He said: No, think of the new technologies, new fashion trends… We’ll always need updated pictures with people. He was right but I think it’s even more than that.

Microstock is about people and art. Every person is unique and can express his own vision in an original way, based on his own experience, feelings and knowledge. And yes, we do need that, especially in mass-media or design!

The image of the week is actually a proof that simplicity and creativity can work together incredibly well! Its name is “Vector of a butterfly” and comes from Daniel Marcus.

What’s so great about this picture? (more…)

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