What’s so great about vectors?

Searching for a picture, we often see in the search options: “vectors”. So, we have two main options: vectors or pictures.

Traveling back in time, I remember it happened many times to hear about vectors but nobody wasted time to explain me what’s all about. Working as a PC operator, I had almost a sacred respect for those who worked in Illustrator. But as time went by, I realized things are in fact simple.

Vectors are illustrations made in special software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and not only.

If pictures are made of pixels, vectors use a different technology. But let’s see it in an example.

Let’s say I need an image for an article about educating children. I want it to be positive, simple and nice. I like children to be happy and I choose the image you see. It’s called Kids with hands up and it’s made by Kimscreativehub.

The vector is available for sale at:

Looking at the prices, I see the original vector is the highest one. Why?

What makes the difference is the quality the image will have at different sizes. While for web use the image will look fine if you buy the small/medium size, if you want to print it or use for special projects, you would me happier with the large version, namely the original vector.


Scaling pictures, this is how pixels “show up” at big sizes.

If you print an image on bigger surfaces, they might look like you see in the image below, where you can actually see the pixels/tiny squares the image is made of.

But if you have the original vector, you can print it with the size of a skyscraper and it will look perfect.

Printing the vector, from business cards to outdoor billboards, the quality will be high. So, what’s so great about vectors? They will look good no matter the size you need to print them. Even if it’s about a T-shirt, a greeting card or a A3 poster, I personally prefer the vector version of an illustration, in order to avoid seeing the pixels at big sizes.

But vectors offer even more advantages. You don’t need to be an expert in order to recolor, transform, combine or use them in your personal way. You need only to open them in a vector software and play. Just look at what I did with this vector using simple operations in Illustrator:

Talking about vectors with our contributor Kim Marie Freitas, a dedicated self-employed designer from Massachusetts, USA, look what she said:

In my dealings with clients the number one thing that draws them to vector illustrations is “artist style”, which is, that wonderfully organic touch we all add to that mathematical format vector, and like a finger print it is unique to each artist.

Another fabulous thing about vectors is you can have two different designers purchase the same vector illustration and edit it with their own touches to give each a unique look!

Kim Marie Freitas

Coming this from a professional illustrator, I find it pretty encouraging for both clients and contributors! Either we create ourselves vector illustrations or we transform and use them in our special way, we can make great things. After all, we do have this unique fingerprint of our creativity and imagination, right?

Colorful children-01

We can recolor vectors and add new backgrounds


We can keep only what we need from a vector and recolor it.


What about making a logo for a charitable action?

      to be-01

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