Image of the week: captivity in a deserted land

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Working as a reviewer for already a long time, I have seen “tons” of pictures of all kinds. One could say: what kind of picture could ever surprise you after seeing already “tons” of them?

As you might know, we have this post on the blog with “the image of the week”. The idea is to comment on the image we liked the most from what we reviewed during a week.

So this week was my turn. I don’t decide in advance to choose a photo from one category or another. I like to be surprised myself as indeed every week brings new pictures. I really saw great images this week and we’ll try to promote them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

But from all the pictures one impressed me more than I expected. It’s called: Camels at Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote wait for tourists. It’s uploaded by Jorg Hackemann.

Closeup from the image.

Beyond checking the quality and the marketability of an image, reviewing has no doubt a subjective compound. I have recently been the witness of a scene I wish I could forget: a dying old cat who kept on welcoming her owner at the door, in spite of all the weakness and illness…

I’ve been thinking a lot of animals, their vulnerability and generosity…

The image of the week hit me with one more lesson about freedom and captivity. It’s an impressive scene where wild animals kneel in the wait for tourists. I’ve always seen the desert as the reversed image of the sea, both a wide and wild freedom. The image uploaded by Jorg Hackemann comes with an unexpected view of wild animals captured in a land of freedom….

Indeed, the image couldn’t be related to various subjects as fashion or lifestyle but when it’s about the rights of the animals it’s definitely at its best!

What’s so great about this picture?

  1. It creates a strong emotional impact, especially for the ones who love animals and nature.
  2. It surprises with an unexpected posture of wild animals.
  3. It has copy space, as we could easily add a message on the sky.
  4. It has natural colors, hues of gray and brown, fitting perfectly with the blue of the sky.

How could we use it?

  •  The image of a campaign fighting for the rights of the animals.
  • In travel articles or promotional materials about Spain.
  • Inspirational posters about freedom and captivity.
  • Religious articles about nature and the way people deal with it.
  • A funny advert for a product that encourages consumers to break the line of social blind obedience.
  • Wallpapers for our desktops.
  • Horizontal banners for blogs and websites if we crop the image and keep only the sky or the sand.

Closeup from the image.

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