Image of the week: the secret to a long sex life

The image is available for sale at:

The image is available for sale at:

They say irony is the quality of smart people. I would say it’s the same with images!

As I already wrote in a previous post, I like to let myself surprised by the image of the week. I saw many good images this week too, including a nice cityscape from Boston, USA. I thought to myself: this is the image of the week! And I was thinking of serious topics like revenge, violence, urban life, politics, all related to the recent breaking news about the Boston attack… But suddenly I saw the image you see above! It’s called “Senior man with alcohol in bed!”, uploaded by Jan Mika. I smiled and I felt it is like a good joke when you need it the most. And I said to myself: No, this is the real image of the week! The laughing break we all need from time to time!

Look at this image and think of all the jokes we could make by playing: “Caption this!” :)

By the way, we could really play this game! Actually I would caption it like this: “Senior couple discovering the secret of a long sex life together”. :)

What’s so great about this picture?

  1. It’s full of humor! If you are an imaginative person, you can actually have a lot of fun just by looking at it.
  2. It’s catchy! Imagine it will be the outdoor billboard for an alcoholic beverage! You’ll surely stop for a second to see what’s the advert about!
  3. It reaches a lot of important topics like: elderly people, culture, sex, alcohol and marriage.
  4. It has plenty of copy space, both on the yellow wall and the white bedding.
  5. It’s original: you could hardly find similar images, no matter how huge is the archive.
  6. The models are in fact usual people we could easily identify with.

How could we use it?

  • The advert for an alcoholic beverage that makes you feel like doing some crazy things…
  • The advert for a good book.
  • The image of a public campaign for culture and literature.
  • The advert for a website/blog/talk-show about relationships and sex problems.
  • The advert for an insurance company with good saving plans for retirements.
  • The advert for a travel agency with special offers for seniors.
  • A funny card for just married couples. (Imagine only that on the cover book it would be written: How to recognize poisonous drinks.)
  • To be continued… :)




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