The image of the week: 5 steps to pose naturally!


Do you look horrible in your ID photo? Have you ever felt embarrassed to show your driving license? If yes, it means: “Thanks, God, I’m not the only one!”

Well, if our Id cards don’t look so great, the reason is obvious: it’s a fake forced posture. Nobody feels comfortable like that. So, here’s one of the secrets: comfort!

Of course, it’s not a tragedy having scary Identity cards but what happens when we want to use models and make them look natural?

The image of the week comes to help us with a great and simple example of how to do it right.

It’s called “Couple having a disagreement” and it’s uploaded by a French contributor: Phovoir!

The image is available for sale at:

Looking at the picture, I could find the 5 steps to success:

  1. Concept: build your picture on a fact/feeling/character/story!
  2. Simplicity: use only relevant elements, nothing else!
  3. Usual and comfortable posture: don’t ask your models to freeze, but to behave like real actors! Let them take their time to understand the concept!
  4. Facial expressions: Can’t they freeze with that facial expression more than 5 seconds? It means it’s not the right one!
  5. Originality: Dare to be free in expressing your own vision regarding the concept you chose, no matter how silly could seem!


What’s so great about this picture?

  1. It has an actual concept we all know so well: disagreement in couple…
  2. It’s simply expressed with only 3 elements: one woman, one man and a sofa! Nothing more.
  3. The posture is usual and natural: we can easily imagine ourselves sitting like that.
  4. Their facial expressions seem real. They don’t look fake at all!
  5. The photographer dared to show they are in a studio but letting them barefoot, he balanced the artificial scenery in such a nice original way!
  6. And yes, it has plenty of copy space. More, the white background makes the picture easy to be used as a background for so many things: websites, blogs, outdoor adverts, flyers, wallpapers…


How could we use it?

  • In all glossy magazines with articles about relationships and the psychology behind them.
  • Cover for a music album with love songs or for any romantic novel.
  • Funny cards for couples, by adding an inspired text.
  • Commercial adverts for any domestic product that makes a difference for the household or for any product that could make a woman happy, as she’s the upset one in this picture.
  • Travel offers for exotic destinations your sweetheart dreamed about for already so many years…
  • Inspirational posters for psychotherapy centers.







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