The image of the week: A tragedy for both sides…

I do believe in the missionary character of photography and I really think as any other art, it is meant to bring beauty and happiness in our lives. I also see photography as a social and educational powerful tool.

The image of this week is a real example of how photography can educate people, namely me in this case.

It is called Combat boot and crutch for war concept and it is uploaded by num_skyman.

The image is available for sale at:

I always used to see wars and military interventions as a primitive and violent manifestation of hatred. I really believe they are meant to serve secret financial interests and not only. I know that many of you could have a different opinion but … this is my point of view. Anyway, with this radical belief, when I saw the image of the week, it made me stop a bit and think. It didn’t change my mind but it made me understand war is a tragedy for both sides! It’s amazing how powerful can be such a simple image. The simpler, the better!

Looking at this shiny black combat boot beside a crutch I could imagine the feeling a military hero could have… No doubt it should be a terrible feeling losing one leg… A simple spot of coffee on my jeans could ruin my day…

What’s so great about this picture? 

  1. It’s simple and powerful in the same time!  With only two elements on a white background the image is far away from being just a close-up, but it comes with a complex topic and lots of questions to be answered…
  2. It has a strong emotional impact as it represents the tragedy of a military hero who lost his leg.
  3. It is catchy as it is an unusual association.
  4. It has contrast showing two opposite symbols: force and weakness, pride and marginalization, ability and disability… Both belonging to the same person…
  5. It has copy space.

How could we use it? 

  • The main image of a world peace campaign.
  • The poster for an official ceremony dedicated to military veterans.
  • An illustrative image in a history book.
  • A motivational poster in a medical orthopedic center or any other institution for disabled people.

The image of the week made me also remind a great quote:

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” -  Mahatma Gandhi


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