The image of the week: The frailty of life

The image is available for sale at:

The image is available for sale at:

How wonderful is the birth of life, from its conception to to the actual release of the human life into the world! We are small gods that give birth or help conceive life at its greatest. We create from our own flesh and blood a new form of life that carries our genes further into this world. If you ask me I think perpetuation of the species is the only palpable proof of immortality that we have up to this date.

This image by Zffoto reminded me of the progress that science made into researching the whole process of conception and birth and making it much safer and controllable in a world where everything gets harder and unsafe. Some may disagree and say that this evolution is actually an involution, looking at the past and how things used to happen naturally with just a little bit of aid. The truth is the world has changed and it became harder to conceive and give birth to a healthy normal child, due all the climatic change, the use of chemicals in our food, the sedentary lifestyle, the high level of stress, etc. Science brings damage to our life, but it also helps fix things that it already broke. I guess there is a sort of balance about these and the reality is the world has evolved towards these present situations and we can either choose to take advantage of this evolution, or choose an alternative option. In the end the choice is ours, for each individual.

What is so great about this image:

  • It has a powerful interesting appearance – the human embryo into a bird’s egg.
  • It shows the frailty of life in its beginning.
  • The number of colors is small, it doesn’t tire the eye and delivers the message easier to its viewers used to be pelted with excessive colors to draw attention. Visually it is a “breath of fresh air”
  • It’s simple and the subject central.
  • It has a lot of copy space where you can write your own message.
  • The editing is perfect. Look at it carefully and you will not find any mistakes.

       How could we use it:

  1. A pro-life campaign/anti-abortion or even pro-abortion. It is very versatile.
  2. In science magazine and even regular ones with the subject of human birth and conception.
  3. As a book cover and for use in the inside pages of a book.
  4. As a desktop wallpaper, logos for websites, layouts, with of without the backgrounds. It is very easy to cut out the subject from the background. You can either choose to put the subject on a different background, keep it as it or use the subject separately.
  5. An advert for a fertility clinic.
  6. An advert or the main image for a commercial for dietary supplements.
  7. A campaign to raise awareness of the frailty of a human embryo due to pollution, the negative effects of wrong taken medication.
  8. An advert for a life insurance for soon to be mothers.
  9. The main image for a fashion campaign for pregnant women. We all know that clothes should make us feel good and protecting your skin and comfort also help protect the baby’s evolution inside your womb.
  10. A campaign to raise awareness amongst pregnant women about the importance of getting the blood test done regularly during pregnancy.
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