The image of the week jumps out from the crowd!


The image is available for download at:

As microstock agencies have now millions of pictures, some might feel discouraged and give up before making a try. Comparing to the famous top sellers it’s absolutely normal to feel like you don’t have any chance to compete: when will I have money to hire 10 models to shoot business images? when will I have my own studio?

I think the real challenge is in fact to go on in spite of all odds… Where there is a will, there is a way! Hard work is the best strategy on long term. More, look at the bright side of the street: the lack of some resources might stimulate your creativity and help you discover an original vision of many interesting topics.

The image of the week speaks by itself about being different in a good way! After all, creativity will always be needed! It comes from Jakub Danek and it is called “Jump from crowd“!

What is so great about this image:

  1. It’s catchy as it makes you stop and look at it instinctively. Even if you see it on a billboard passing by, you will automatically pay attention to it.
  2. It’s funny as it illustrates a saying mot-a-mot! By the way, what a great idea to illustrate proverbs literally! I can already imagine some funny pictures for: “In one ear and out the other”; “Nobody can serve two masters”; “Every man has his price”…
  3. It fits to lots of topics, from corporate and business to commercial promotional offers.
  4. It has copy space. You can easily add any text on the black low side or even thought or speech bubbles next to every man in the picture!
  5. It’s an original way of making a group picture with only one person. So, it’s a great example of how you can cut costs! :)
  6. It is dynamic as the man is literally jumping out from the crowd.
  7. It has a positive, optimistic message!
  8. The description of the image is already a start or a title for an article.

How could we use it:

  • an inspirational poster on the wall of a multinational company
  • outdoor adverts for “winning” products like: bank credits for business start-ups, online games, visa lottery
  • any topic regarding getting hired by a prestigious corporation: from international study programs and recognition certificates to interviews and jobs
  • advert for any product that brings you happiness, at least in certain moments: good internet connection, sport competitions, car/life/home insurances
  • motivational campaigns about social behavior and about the dare to be different and responsible


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