The image of the week is almost chromotherapy!

As we are already used, the image of the week usually presents spectacular pictures but we also like to notice that “spectacular” doesn’t necessary mean “impossible”. When I see great pictures, I like to consider them “free lessons” about how to shoot perfect pictures. This is actually the double aim of this series of articles: to show our appreciation for great photos/illustrations and for their artists on one side and to learn from their talent, on the other side. And now there is one thing that should be outlined: learning from nice pictures shouldn’t mean copying them! That’s why it’s important to extract from a picture what made it so great as we use to do it in this kind of articles. On the other hand, we have to remember that behind every photo the real secret is invisible: hard work!

So, let’s learn from the image of this week, called Tablets and capsules, and let’s bring thanks to luchschen, the contributor who uploaded it!

This picture is available for sale and use starting from only 1.95$ at the link below.
Otherwise, it’s protected by copyright.

What’s so great about this picture?

  • The colors represent a charming combination between vivid, pastels and cool blue. This inspired way of using colors reminds us of chromotherapy! It doesn’t take much to notice that looking at this picture gives you a good feeling and this sends us to the next special attribute of this image!
  • It’s really calming! The colorful tablets against a blurred predominately blue background, as well as the light create a sedative effect! And if we think the image is about medicines, this makes it really great, as the colors reflect the topic!
  • It’s catchy! The positive mood given by the whole composition makes us stop to look at this picture! I could really look at it for minutes even if I am not interested by medicines!
  • It has copy space, just perfect for adverts needed by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • It’s simple and complex in the same time! If spectacular images usually need a lot of spectacular elements from models to background, by contrary, this one uses simple things in a spectacular way!

How could we use it?

  1. Cover for magazines dedicated to medicines.
  2. Indoor and outdoor adverts for specific medicines or for any company from the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Posters on the interior/exterior walls of any drugstore or medical center.
  4. Nice stylish labels for medicines.
  5. Images for articles about health and the use of medicines.



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