Image of the week: Freedom in a world of constrains

Tied up woman screaming.

Image available for sale at:

When i first saw this image uploaded by BDS my mind stopped for a few minutes and i kept starring at it like a kid at something new and lovely. It intrigued me so much because it has so much power and it is so versatile and it speaks so much about freedom and how tied down are all of us by the society. I met once a very wise old man who told me that freedom is not how we perceive it and freedom is not achieved through wars and violence, but through our own minds. In society we need to have rules that we must obey in order for it to function, but what we can do for ourselves is to set ourselves free from the inside out, not the other way around. We can become free by changing the way we see things, the way we think and act towards the world and the others around us. That reminds of a great quote by Mahatma Gandhi that fits just right: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What’s so great about this picture?

1. It has a powerful full of emotion message – a woman tied up and screaming.

2. It has endless opportunities of usage.

3. It has a lot of copy space on the black background where you can write you own words, message. Actually looking it more carefully you could even write something on the model’s tongue, like a cry for help, etc.

4. The colors are bright and vivid, even though the black background can be a little “threatening”

5. It has great emotional impact reaching subjects as freedom of humans in society, freedom of speech, abuse towards women, emotional and financial constrains, etc.

How could we use it?

  •  Outdoor and indoor adverts and billboards with a message about freedom of speech, freedom of women in the Muslim community, stop the domestic violence.
  • A commercial for a new radio station where you don’t hear any more bad songs.
  • A politician’s campaign image, through which he wants to liberate people of all previous financial and political constrains.
  •  A commercial for a new medicine for head-aches or even flu or allergies, asthma, etc.
  • A powerful campaign to raise awareness about the human traffic situation.
  • A nonconformist job add, for a firm that promotes a different type of working environment, where people are treated nicely and have the freedom to speak without being judged and fired.
  • An add for a psychotherapist new office with a possible message like: Rid yourself of constrains and start living a new life!
  • Wallpapers for our desktops, banners and logos for applications.
  • In magazines and newspapers on a huge number of subjects regarding freedom in every way.
  • Inspirational posters.
  • Printed on shirts, caps, mugs, promotional material, book covers, agendas, etc
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Image of the week: Money is a snake that can both poison or heal


Money is a snake that can both poison or heal.

Image by Gloffs availabe for sale at

No matter how hard we try to deny it and think otherwise, the truth is money is what makes the world spin. The only problem in this is greed. Money make us happy and help us sustain our health, but in the same time it makes us miserable and sick. We all know that food no longer tastes like the food we ate when we were children. It is not because we grew up and don’t taste food the same way, but because greed has led us to the moment when we eat vegetables and fruits made in labs, modified organisms, that have less nutrients, less taste and a high concentration of toxic substances. Living has become a business and this photo made by Gloffs is a wonderful conceptual example that proves it.

What’s so great about this picture?

1. It raises awareness about the current situation of the food industry.
2. It has a big emotional impact.
3. The colors are bright and eye-catching.
4. It has copy space where you can add your own text.
5. Great isolation, the image can be cut out very fast and easily worked on.

How could we use it?

  • In magazines and newspapers in articles regarding the food industry and also financial, economical subjects about this matter.
  •  Wallpapers for our desktop, logos for applications.
  • The image for a nutritionist business card.
  •  Outdoor adverts and billboards as the main image or part of it.
  •  An agricultural campaign logo for investing in your food by planting and harvesting your own food.
  • Inspirational posters about the freedom of choice when it comes to food.
  • Websites and blog wallpapers and layouts.
  • Printed on t-shirts, caps, mugs, promotional materials.


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Image of the week: Time for spring, time to start thinking green!

Hands with eco friendly sign in the grass by Sandralise available for sale at

Hands with eco friendly sign in the grass by Sandralise available for sale at

Some may agree with me on the fact that this winter seemed the longest and spring has knocked on our doors as an illusion numerous times before actually happening. It seems that together with Easter the winter finally decided to leave us on spring’s hands and enjoy the sunshine.

What better way to start spring than with ecology on our minds. This earth should be protected by us, not destroyed. We don’t have the last word when it comes to this unfortunately. There are so many financial interests at stake that we can only help by doing little by little in our everyday life.

Seeing this picture made by Sandralise should be an inspiration to all of us and give earth a little helping hand, as we enjoy its beauty, but not think of the damage.

What’s so great about this picture?

1. It raises awareness about ecology and the stay green concept.
2. It has copy space where you can add your own text, designs, etc.
3. The colors are simple and refreshing and they fit well with the season that just started.
4. The fact that there is “Think Green” written on the man’s hand has a bigger impact on the viewer.
5. It has a positive strong message.
6. The image can be cropped and used separately.

How could we use it?

1. Inspirational posters to be put on walls inside your house, office or even in a pub/restaurant/club.

2. For magazine covers and articles regarding the current situation with pollution and ecology’s place in saving the earth as we know it.

3. The main image for an activism campaign.

4. Website and blog wallpapers and layouts.

5. Outdoor adverts.

6. With the image cropped you can use the image with the thumbs up and the sky and add a brand name or a message. The grass could be used separately as a horizontal banner, the sky as well.

7. The main image for a residential project built in a green area, or it could indicate top five travel destinations in the countryside, non polluted areas.

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