The image of the week: 5 steps to pose naturally!


Do you look horrible in your ID photo? Have you ever felt embarrassed to show your driving license? If yes, it means: “Thanks, God, I’m not the only one!”

Well, if our Id cards don’t look so great, the reason is obvious: it’s a fake forced posture. Nobody feels comfortable like that. So, here’s one of the secrets: comfort!

Of course, it’s not a tragedy having scary Identity cards but what happens when we want to use models and make them look natural?

The image of the week comes to help us with a great and simple example of how to do it right.

It’s called “Couple having a disagreement” and it’s uploaded by a French contributor: Phovoir!

The image is available for sale at:

Looking at the picture, I could find the 5 steps to success:

  1. Concept: build your picture on a fact/feeling/character/story!
  2. Simplicity: use only relevant elements, nothing else!
  3. Usual and comfortable posture: don’t ask your models to freeze, but to behave like real actors! Let them take their time to understand the concept!
  4. Facial expressions: Can’t they freeze with that facial expression more than 5 seconds? It means it’s not the right one!
  5. Originality: Dare to be free in expressing your own vision regarding the concept you chose, no matter how silly could seem!


What’s so great about this picture? (more…)

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The image of the week: A tragedy for both sides…

I do believe in the missionary character of photography and I really think as any other art, it is meant to bring beauty and happiness in our lives. I also see photography as a social and educational powerful tool.

The image of this week is a real example of how photography can educate people, namely me in this case.

It is called Combat boot and crutch for war concept and it is uploaded by num_skyman.

The image is available for sale at:

I always used to see wars and military interventions as a primitive and violent manifestation of hatred. I really believe they are meant to serve secret financial interests and not only. I know that many of you could have a different opinion but … this is my point of view. Anyway, with this radical belief, when I saw the image of the week, it made me stop a bit and think. It didn’t change my mind but it made me understand war is a tragedy for both sides! It’s amazing how powerful can be such a simple image. The simpler, the better!

Looking at this shiny black combat boot beside a crutch I could imagine the feeling a military hero could have… No doubt it should be a terrible feeling losing one leg… A simple spot of coffee on my jeans could ruin my day…

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Image of the week: the secret to a long sex life

The image is available for sale at:

The image is available for sale at:

They say irony is the quality of smart people. I would say it’s the same with images!

As I already wrote in a previous post, I like to let myself surprised by the image of the week. I saw many good images this week too, including a nice cityscape from Boston, USA. I thought to myself: this is the image of the week! And I was thinking of serious topics like revenge, violence, urban life, politics, all related to the recent breaking news about the Boston attack… But suddenly I saw the image you see above! It’s called “Senior man with alcohol in bed!”, uploaded by Jan Mika. I smiled and I felt it is like a good joke when you need it the most. And I said to myself: No, this is the real image of the week! The laughing break we all need from time to time!

Look at this image and think of all the jokes we could make by playing: “Caption this!” :)

By the way, we could really play this game! Actually I would caption it like this: “Senior couple discovering the secret of a long sex life together”. :)

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Image of the week: captivity in a deserted land

The image is available for sale by clicking on it or at the link below:

Working as a reviewer for already a long time, I have seen “tons” of pictures of all kinds. One could say: what kind of picture could ever surprise you after seeing already “tons” of them?

As you might know, we have this post on the blog with “the image of the week”. The idea is to comment on the image we liked the most from what we reviewed during a week.

So this week was my turn. I don’t decide in advance to choose a photo from one category or another. I like to be surprised myself as indeed every week brings new pictures. I really saw great images this week and we’ll try to promote them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

But from all the pictures one impressed me more than I expected. It’s called: Camels at Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote wait for tourists. It’s uploaded by Jorg Hackemann. (more…)

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What’s so great about vectors?

Searching for a picture, we often see in the search options: “vectors”. So, we have two main options: vectors or pictures.

Traveling back in time, I remember it happened many times to hear about vectors but nobody wasted time to explain me what’s all about. Working as a PC operator, I had almost a sacred respect for those who worked in Illustrator. But as time went by, I realized things are in fact simple.

Vectors are illustrations made in special software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and not only.

If pictures are made of pixels, vectors use a different technology. But let’s see it in an example.

Let’s say I need an image for an article about educating children. I want it to be positive, simple and nice. I like children to be happy and I choose the image you see. It’s called Kids with hands up and it’s made by Kimscreativehub.

The vector is available for sale at:

Looking at the prices, I see the original vector is the highest one. Why? (more…)

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