Image of the week: Money is a snake that can both poison or heal


Money is a snake that can both poison or heal.

Image by Gloffs availabe for sale at

No matter how hard we try to deny it and think otherwise, the truth is money is what makes the world spin. The only problem in this is greed. Money make us happy and help us sustain our health, but in the same time it makes us miserable and sick. We all know that food no longer tastes like the food we ate when we were children. It is not because we grew up and don’t taste food the same way, but because greed has led us to the moment when we eat vegetables and fruits made in labs, modified organisms, that have less nutrients, less taste and a high concentration of toxic substances. Living has become a business and this photo made by Gloffs is a wonderful conceptual example that proves it.

What’s so great about this picture?

1. It raises awareness about the current situation of the food industry.
2. It has a big emotional impact.
3. The colors are bright and eye-catching.
4. It has copy space where you can add your own text.
5. Great isolation, the image can be cut out very fast and easily worked on.

How could we use it?

  • In magazines and newspapers in articles regarding the food industry and also financial, economical subjects about this matter.
  •  Wallpapers for our desktop, logos for applications.
  • The image for a nutritionist business card.
  •  Outdoor adverts and billboards as the main image or part of it.
  •  An agricultural campaign logo for investing in your food by planting and harvesting your own food.
  • Inspirational posters about the freedom of choice when it comes to food.
  • Websites and blog wallpapers and layouts.
  • Printed on t-shirts, caps, mugs, promotional materials.


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Gingerbread as Christmas Decorations


Photo by shalamov

Gingerbread Christmas decorations are fun to make, beautiful to look at, and a joy to eat! Today I’m having my friends over, we’re going to make a gingerbread house and some hearts to hang in the windows. It’s a bit early, but I want to have some decoration ready since it’s the first sunday of advent tomorrow. In Norway the first sunday of advent marks the beginning of “Christmas preparation time”, what’s the tradition in your country, or in your family?

Linda :)


Photo by Ruth Black

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Forum Favorite Image: Fresh Baked Bread

This image is from photographer JerryL5

Fresh Baked Bread

In our forum they have a little “game” where they pick each other’s favorite photos. “(…) Pick your favorite picture/illustration from the previous person’s post and put it up. Then the next person will go to your portfolio and pick their fav and so on.” If you want to join you’ll find the post here – to add your favorite go to the end of the thread to post.

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Image of the Day: Carving the Turkey

A traditional Christmas dinner image from MonkeyBusiness.

What we eat for Christmas differs from country to country, and many countries also got several traditions. My family always serve “pinnekjøtt”, made of dried sheep ribs. The ribs are cut in small pices, soaked for 24 hours before steaming.  It’s served with potatos and mashed turnip (rutabaga)! We often joke about how simple the food is – but we love it, cause it’s tradition.

What do you and your family eat at Christmas? I bet it’s more fancy than our dinner ;)

Carving the Turkey

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Image of the Day: Christmas Coffee

Hot chocolate is yummi, but I prefer a good cup of coffee – especially Christmas blend. This coffee image is from leaf.

What do you like best – hot chocolate or coffee?

Gourme Christmas Coffee

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Image of the Day: Preparing for Christmas

Family baking gingerbread cookies and preparing for Christmas. The photographer of this great series of images is shalamov.

Family making gingerbread cookies

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