Image of the week: Protect me!

This image is available for sale and use starting from only 1.95$ at the link below.

This image is available for sale and use starting from only 1.95$ at the link below.


I decided upon the image of the week based of the recent protests against the cyanide mining at Rosia Montana in Romania. Rosia Montana is a commune in Alba County.  It is located in the Valea Rosiei, through which the Rosia River flows. The rich mineral resources of the area have been exploited since Roman times or before. The state-run gold mine closed in late 2006 in advance of Romania’s accession to the EU. Gabriel Resources of Canada plan to open a new mine. This has caused controversy on one hand over the extent to which remains of Roman mining would be preserved and over fears of a repeat of the cyanide pollution at Baia Mare and on the other, over the benefits that mining would bring to this poor and underdeveloped part of the country. According to some reports, the project would use as much as 12,000 tons of cyanide annually, which is more than any mining project in Europe, a quantity that would not only infect the waters and the land there, but in the whole Romania and all the other Balkan countries in a mere 15-20 years from the starting of the project. It would be one of the biggest ecological disasters of all time, leaving a country dry and dead. Over the last 11 days people started to protest, gathering 1000-3000 people each day, culminating with over 15 000 on Sunday afternoon in a huge march through more neighborhoods. The protests started as the government decided to vote a special expropriation law to get the people at Rosia Montana out of their houses so the mining project could start. This law breaks constitutional laws. It breaks property laws for the people in Rosia Montana, heritage laws and clean environment laws.
This is just another example how people decide to kill this planet for money, leaving only distruction and deaths behind.
The simplicity of this image by creativeapril carries the message of how simple it would all be if we all united for a better future, our future, the next generations future.

What’s so great about this image?

1. It has a very simple composition with a powerful message, of protection.
2. It has a lot of copy space where you can write your own messages, of even complete it with your own drawings.
3. It can be used as two different images, by cutting the “Protect me” sign out of the image. So we have a simple background with grass and another one with the message and the butterfly.
4. The message “Protect me” is in a word bubble case, making it look like the nature – represented by the grass – is sending the message to us.
5. The design of the butterfly makes it look like green leaves, showing that everything is part of nature, all living things, that we must protect in order to keep the harmony and our own health.
6. The colors are simple and calming, making the image very positive.
7. It raises awareness about ecology and the stay green concept.

How could we use it?

  •  Environmental and ecological campaigns.
  •  Inspirational posters to be put on walls inside your house, office or even in a pub/restaurant/club.
  • The main image for an activism campaign.
  •  Website and blog wallpapers and layouts.
  •  For magazine covers and articles regarding the current situation with pollution and ecology’s place in saving the earth as we know it.
  •  Book and magazines covers, also as a main image for an article in newspapers, magazines, blog, etc.
  •  Outdoor adverts.



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Silent Night

Only days from Christmas, let’s take a deep breath and make sure we enjoy this busy, wonderful time!

Linda :)

silent-nightPhoto by ciarada

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Send a Christmas Card

If you haven’t already, why not print and send somebody a Christmas card today? On paper or electronic, it’s a great way to brighten up someone’s day!

I like the illustrations from shekoru!

christma-card-reindeerLinda :)

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Blog recommendation: Abstract City

I simply love the Abstract City blog from artist Christoffer Niemann! In the latest post he gives us some amusing illustrations of everyday events and everyday science – read the post here. You should also take a look at the older posts!

Linda :)

Woman reading a blog. Illustration by cienpies

Illustration by cienpies

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Get a Free Stock Photo Screensaver w/ Season Images

We at stock photo agency YayMicro would like all of you to enjoy our breathtaking images! Therefore we are giving away a free screensaver, with 100 images!

With our screensaver you’ll get new season images automatically! We’ll update the images after the season, so you’ll get Christmas images for Christmas, spring images when it’s spring, summer images when it’s summer, and fall images at autumn! Mostly you’ll get beautiful nature images.

Click here to get a Free Stock Photo Screensaver for Mac and PC!

Get a Free Stock Photo Screensaver for PC and Mac - Season Nature Images

Get a Free Stock Photo Screensaver for PC and Mac - Season Nature Images

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Background Image on Twitter

Finding and configuring a Twitter background image can be tricky. Here is a short guide on how to find and add a unique background to your Twitter-profile.

Twitter offers 20 background images you can choose from. All of these have pleasing colors, and nice clean design. They are, however, quite generic. Instead of using any of these, you can upload an image that better fits your Twitter page and/or personality.

How To Change the Twitter Background Image
Go to Settings -> Design , then either choose a theme or click change background image. Don’t be afraid to goof around; your profile won’t change until you press save.

Finding the Right Image
There are several pages offering free Twitter backgrounds. Thousands of Twits (easier to say than Twitterers) use these images, so if you want a personal, unique profile you should try to find other images. Think about an object/idea/concept/thought that you feel can represent you. You might find a photo you’ve taken yourself, or you could try a search at images agencies such as YAY. We have hundreds of thousands of images, illustrations and vector files at a small cost ($1.5 for a small image).

Click here to try a search for images at YAY


How Large Should a Twitter Background Image Be?
Twitter accepts images in GIF, JPG and PNG formats. The file can’t be larger than 800 Kb, but the smaller the better. The resolution should be quite high, but still be visible for users with lower resolution. Twitter supports screen resolutions down to 800×600 pixels. Most users today have screen resolution 1024×768 pixels or higher.

You should aim for an image that works for users having large screens with high resolution. Therefore the image you choose should be at least 1600×1200 pixels, and it is even better to have 2048×1600. An Twitter background image of 2048×1600 will fill the screen of 98 % of all Twitter users.

Adding a Bio
The 160 character biography Twitter limits you to, can be a bit too short. Instead you can add a short biography, logo or other additional information in an information box on one or both sides of the main Twitter window. You have to remember that if you want your bio to be visible in 1024×768, it should not be wider than 120 pixels.

Take a look at our Twitter-backgrounds:
YAY Micro


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