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Hi everybody, and Happy New Year!

First I would like to apologize for a long time without any regular updates. Luckily, the reason for this is that we’re busy working on getting the sales up at YAY! We’re still small compared to the big sites, but we’re getting there!

The last couple of months we’ve been working on our affiliate program (read more here:, SEO,  R&D on our search,  and developing an API. We’re also in the process of adding  a new partner to our third-party program. (Read more about third party and how to apply:

Soon our API is ready for use – and that’s what I’d like to get some feedback on. We’ve seen a need for more transparency in our industry, and my impression is that people feel they lack control of their property: their images.  Traditionally, in the image industry there’s been common practice to share images between agencies, often involving many agencies (resulting small royalties to the photographers – many earning less than a microstock-photographer on some images, but they try to keep this a secret ;) ). With international sites, this sharing gets even more complicated, and it’s easy to feel a lack of control for a photographer, and for the image agencies as well.

We’ve decided to list all our partners for the API, and give you an option to Opt-out from the ones you don’t want to use. You’ll also get details on the commission for YAY, along with the percentage of commission provided to you. Our goal is that you’ll make at least as much on an API-sale as you would if the image was sold at YAY, but the amount will vary depending on the different agreements.

I’m wondering if there is any information or other aspects of the API that are important issues for photographers that we haven’t considered?


Linda :)

CEO, YAYmicro

Happy New Year
Happy New Year
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Third party sales results

yay-425692Third party payments for the second quarter has now been rolled out, and it’s showing a positive trend again. The increase was on average 25 %, which is absolutely decent. We are still expecting growth, especially among the newest members who hasn’t fully published all images yet.

The last few quarters has been quite steady in regards to payment from 3rd party partner, but it has not grown enough. This has been a concern for us, and we’ve taken several steps to make sure that the income from the program is increasing. The most significant change has been to add new sales channels in new markets. We have also started talks with other partners in order to add even more earnings to your account from this program.

If you have recently applied to the program, your images have not been shipped yet. We expect a new shipment will be ready in September, that will include new images from earlier contributors as well as all new contributors.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions!


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