Color Search – The Yay Way

“Parasol” by Ivonnewierink

Hi everyone

We are currently working hard on the search experience here at Yay Micro. We have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the near future, and today we’re introducing color search – the Yay Way.

We are big fans of the “keep it simple – stupid” philosophy. When we were thinking about how to implement color search, there was a lot of really interesting ideas that arose. In the end we wanted to create something that was easy enough for everyone to use, but at the same time providing a powerful tool that would be useful.

We ended up with what I would call Google Image Search on steroids. If you are familiar with Google Image Search, you might have noticed that you can easily choose a color for your images, but only one. We wanted to take it a step further and give users the same user interface, but allow them to choose multiple colors that might want in an image. Also, we wanted to give them the option to exclude certain colors. We are quite happy with what we ended up, and now we want to know what you think about it. It’s our first version, and we will defenitly keep improving it to our users’ needs.

Some examples of what you can search for:
Blue and Yellow “Flowers
Red and Brown, but not White “Woman”

So what do you think, leave a comment :)


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New Site Features: People Search & Categories

This week we’ve added a couple of features we know many of our customers wants!

The first one is the first feature of our model/people search. You can now specify how many people you would like to have in your image, by minimum and maximum. If you put 0 in maximum you’ll get images without people in them.
Try the search at our search page!

The second feature is our category page. We now have 16 main categories, all of them with detailed sub-categories. Categories makes it easier to search and browse images, get inspiration and ideas for image use.  Did we miss a category? Leave us a comment, and we’ll try to add it asap!
You can take a look at the new category page here.

Cheers, Linda :)

Image by Yuri Arcurs Search: Min. people 12, keyword: happy


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Improve your search experience

Duck Detective

When searching for an image the first thing you should do is to always use as many search terms as possible. The more specific your search is, the better results you will get. Think about the concept you are trying to illustrate, write down all keywords, preferably both of the motive and the concept you want to illustrate. Say you are looking for a business woman to illustrate an article about how contemporary businesswomen are having success, instead of searching only businesswoman – try a search for contemporary businesswoman success.

  • Use AND, OR and NOT between search terms to get more specific results (f.ex cat NOT kitten)
  • Choose between singular and plural form – both will be searched for (f.ex dog will return the same results as dogs)
  • Use double quotes (“) to search for phrases (f.ex “woman running on beach”)
  • You can narrow your search further under “Advanced Options” (f.ex search only editorial/creative, horizontal/vertical etc)
  •  You can search for a specific image ID by entering that number directly into the search box (f.ex 310131)

If you still don’t get the results you want, here are a few more tips:

  • Always double-check for misspellings
  • Check that any filters under “Advanced search” are turned off
  • Do not start your search with AND, OR or NOT

If you still can’t find the image you are looking for, you can post a request to the photographers in our forum or send us an e-mail.

Happy searching!

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