Image of the week: a lesson about creativity and simplicity!

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Vector of a butterfly by Daniel Marcus
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Some years ago, I was thinking about the future of microstock and asked a friend: How long will it last? Won’t come a time when we’ll have too many images of everything? He said: No, think of the new technologies, new fashion trends… We’ll always need updated pictures with people. He was right but I think it’s even more than that.

Microstock is about people and art. Every person is unique and can express his own vision in an original way, based on his own experience, feelings and knowledge. And yes, we do need that, especially in mass-media or design!

The image of the week is actually a proof that simplicity and creativity can work together incredibly well! Its name is “Vector of a butterfly” and comes from Daniel Marcus.

What’s so great about this picture? (more…)

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20 Free Facebook Cover Images

Customize your Facebook profile with one of our 20 amazing Facebook Cover images. All images are ready to use, and provided to you by the low price image agency YAY Micro. Just right-click on an image to save it to your computer. ©

Click here to get your free Facebook Cover Image.

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Image Gallery – New Images

We’ve just made an image gallery with some of our new images this last week. Click here or on the image to take a look at some great images from different photographers at YAY.

Image by photographer: Coffee999

Image by photographer: kaowenhua

Image by photographer: leaf

Image by photographer: uriy2007

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Chinese New Year

Couple Wearing Rabbit Ears by iofoto
Couple Wearing Rabbit Ears by iofoto

Last Thursday was Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it is literally called. The Chinese are serious about celebrating the new year, and the whole festival takes 15 days. The last day is the classical lantern festivals, when people light candles and send small lanterns into the sky.

The year of the Rabbit is traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits and peace. It is also easier to make a good income in the Year of the Rabbit, than in the ferocious Year of the Tiger, which just ended.

At YAY the Chinese New Year brings a welcoming vacation to our employees in China.

过年好! (Happy New Year!)


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Color Search – The Yay Way

“Parasol” by Ivonnewierink

Hi everyone

We are currently working hard on the search experience here at Yay Micro. We have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the near future, and today we’re introducing color search – the Yay Way.

We are big fans of the “keep it simple – stupid” philosophy. When we were thinking about how to implement color search, there was a lot of really interesting ideas that arose. In the end we wanted to create something that was easy enough for everyone to use, but at the same time providing a powerful tool that would be useful.

We ended up with what I would call Google Image Search on steroids. If you are familiar with Google Image Search, you might have noticed that you can easily choose a color for your images, but only one. We wanted to take it a step further and give users the same user interface, but allow them to choose multiple colors that might want in an image. Also, we wanted to give them the option to exclude certain colors. We are quite happy with what we ended up, and now we want to know what you think about it. It’s our first version, and we will defenitly keep improving it to our users’ needs.

Some examples of what you can search for:
Blue and Yellow “Flowers
Red and Brown, but not White “Woman”

So what do you think, leave a comment :)


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Free Valentine Wallpaper

Get in a romantic mood with our free Valentine Wallpaper! Choose between many beautiful Valentine images from our talented photographers!


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What's happening at YAY?

(This post was originally posted on

Hi everybody, and Happy New Year!

First I would like to apologize for a long time without any regular updates. Luckily, the reason for this is that we’re busy working on getting the sales up at YAY! We’re still small compared to the big sites, but we’re getting there!

The last couple of months we’ve been working on our affiliate program (read more here:, SEO,  R&D on our search,  and developing an API. We’re also in the process of adding  a new partner to our third-party program. (Read more about third party and how to apply:

Soon our API is ready for use – and that’s what I’d like to get some feedback on. We’ve seen a need for more transparency in our industry, and my impression is that people feel they lack control of their property: their images.  Traditionally, in the image industry there’s been common practice to share images between agencies, often involving many agencies (resulting small royalties to the photographers – many earning less than a microstock-photographer on some images, but they try to keep this a secret ;) ). With international sites, this sharing gets even more complicated, and it’s easy to feel a lack of control for a photographer, and for the image agencies as well.

We’ve decided to list all our partners for the API, and give you an option to Opt-out from the ones you don’t want to use. You’ll also get details on the commission for YAY, along with the percentage of commission provided to you. Our goal is that you’ll make at least as much on an API-sale as you would if the image was sold at YAY, but the amount will vary depending on the different agreements.

I’m wondering if there is any information or other aspects of the API that are important issues for photographers that we haven’t considered?


Linda :)

CEO, YAYmicro

Happy New Year
Happy New Year
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The Day Before Christmas

In Norway we celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24th, making December 23td our “day before Christmas”. The main tradition this day is to decorate the christmas tree. We also have another odd tradition: We all watch an old german short movie, called “Der 90. Geburtstag oder Dinner for One“. It’s not even about Christmas. Does it get any weirder? The Amercian tradition, with movies such as It’s a wonderful life is much more Christmas-like, and I have to admit I prefer these movies ;) .

Today’s image captures the magic of a Christmas tree, and the anticipation for Christmas Eve! Photo by Sandralise



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