What’s so great about vectors?

Searching for a picture, we often see in the search options: “vectors”. So, we have two main options: vectors or pictures.

Traveling back in time, I remember it happened many times to hear about vectors but nobody wasted time to explain me what’s all about. Working as a PC operator, I had almost a sacred respect for those who worked in Illustrator. But as time went by, I realized things are in fact simple.

Vectors are illustrations made in special software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and not only.

If pictures are made of pixels, vectors use a different technology. But let’s see it in an example.

Let’s say I need an image for an article about educating children. I want it to be positive, simple and nice. I like children to be happy and I choose the image you see. It’s called Kids with hands up and it’s made by Kimscreativehub.

The vector is available for sale at:

Looking at the prices, I see the original vector is the highest one. Why? (more…)

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